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cc media are an independent media collective, founded by Cressida Kocienski and Caroline Ward. Involved in multiple fields of the creative and communication industries cc media work UK wide filming events, art-related content and education resources.

Following the trail of the most important new media based productions and most influential art and music festivals cc media's experience and large network of directors, animators, writers and other creative talents provides services distributed on a ample range of platforms including video podcasts, web-based streaming, DVD and public display.

You can find out more about cc media and follow their activity here.

Blue Bambinos - BLUEB001

Sometimes the hours at my gallery job seem endless compared to the hours I spend on my artwork, which always seem to fly by and are never enough. I was reminded of this catch-22 when gallery assistant but also bass player of the band Blue Bambinos Jose Pereira passed me in a hallway of the gallery where we both work. As he emerged through a ten foot tall wooden doorway he seemed like he was expecting to meet me and simply reached out and handed me the contents of his hand, and with that he winked and smiled contentedly as he continued on his way through the gallery. In my hand was now laying a copy of the Blue Bambinos' self titled debut album.

On arriving at home that evening the audio cd made its way straight into my living room music player... I must have listen to it twice over as I made and ate dinner and then sat down and had to sketch to a third session. As a result I made these pictures inspired by two tracks from the album.

Don't Touch Me

Don't Look Into Her Eyes

All tracks on the album are recorded live, expressing the Blue Bambinos' elemental part in London's live music circuit. The album includes the tracks In The Dirt, Ab/G#, Don't Touch Me and Don't Look Into Her Eyes, some personal favorites, but on the hole it is a great example of the quality of London's forever merging and unparalleled underground musical talent.

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astute cast of light




She sat down and I drew her, she closed her eyes and I could not bring myself to wake her. Thanks for the sitting.