Spiro-Owl x Fashion156.com

My owl is featured in film of the current issue on Fashion156.com - The Artisan Issue.


10ft Spiro-Owl

My 10ft Spiro-Owl for a recent shoot with fashion156. His features were inspired by the retro geometric drawing toy Spirograph.



I recently completed a 7ftx10ft panel for fashion156.com's next issue!!!

Will update you on this as soon as issue is launched.


Darwin In Vogue

 Darwin In Vogue [01] [02]

These images address the recurring contemporary interest in Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution. This year celebrates 200 years since Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.


Pop-Up Market

Thank you to everyone that was at came to the The Boiler House last weekend! Our Art Pop-Up Market was a success and Ultramega fun! I will be in touch, very shortly, with everyone that signed up to the mailing list with info about the commissions you inquired about and updates on my new website and shop which are currently under construction. They will be launched very soon!!!


Pop-Up Market

25th, 26th & 27th September

Image © trumanbrewery.com

The Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane, London
Friday and Saturday 11am- 6pm | Sunday 10am-5pm

I will be amongst other specialist stalls at the Brewery’s celebrated event space with its spectacular soaring ceilings and landmark Truman Chimney.

Steeped in history and flooded with natural light the 8,000 sq foot space is the venue for Brick Lane’s newest market happening. In addition to paying me a visit, browsing and buying from the gamut of gorgeous items available, there’s space to relax with the papers & enjoy refreshments from the market's Bar & Lounge.


SHARED FUTURE: 'Touch' and 'Seer' with Maria K

'Shared Future', Empire Gallery, Vyner St, London.
4th - 21st March 2009

I recently exhibited two works I made with Icelandic photographer Maria Kjartansdottir at Empire Gallery in London.

I have known Maria for quite a few years now. I have always admired the delicate balance in the subtlety and intensity of colour and emotion she puts into her pictures. She has a great eye for figurative motion and divides her compositions into soft tones of colour and detail and deep blacks.

We have since long discussed the potential of combining elements of our individual work to produce something we consider as a fusion of light, colour, motion and detail. The two works I contributed to in Shared Future tell the story of this discussion.

[above] 'touch' [below] 'seer' are mixed media images: Monoprint on C-type photographic print, editions of 7.

SHARED FUTURE: Interview with Maria k

The work in this exhibition deals with subjects that concern us all; circumstances and emotions that we have all felt and are aware of, but often seldom consider and express. In this video Maria talks about some of her pictures and their origins.

I produced and co-edited this video interview with UK-based independent media collective ccmedia.