'The Goat Girl"

'The Goat Girl' - graphite and ink on paper


'The Goat God" - PRINT/EDITION of 100

The Goat God represents masculinity, abundant vitality, and creative energy. He is the supreme masculine principle, the good, and peace. His horns are symbolic of transcendence and honour, his supernatural power and dignity. Piercing sharp they are phallic, depicting virility and fertility. He is the absolute warrior and Lord of all animals.

This edition of prints was created from an orginal painting Jean-Paul exhibited early 2007 at Second Space Gallery. The painting uses graphite, ink and acrylic and aerosol paint on canvas. Due to the popularity of the image he decided to release an edition of 100 signed and numbered reproductions.

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Blindfold - album artwork

Artwork for 'Blindfold' album cover of Icelandic musician Birgir Hilmarsson.